Fancy Meeting You Here

G.H. Soaps

Behind The Scenes

Est 2014

Ghsoaps, home of the BODYTRUTH brand, was established in 2014 out of an urban community gardening initiative.  What began from a desire to bring life skills to a community had evolved into an awesome brand of skin care that delivers results. The company was thus built on the premise that skin care developed from natural ingredients, overall promoted holistic health and natural healing. 

Ghsoaps delivers soaps, butters, toners and moisturizers developed from 'green' ingredients designed to work in synergy with your body's natural healing & recovery process. If you are looking for a clean brand crafted with your skin's needs in mind, look no further. I dare you to find a brand more honest.

It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to G.H. Soaps!

Commitment To Quality

As the passionate owner & operator of this company, my sole mission is to provide you with pure & natural products. It isn't just business nomenclature, it's who I am. Unfortunately, it goes without being said that the terms 'pure, natural and organic' remain universally 'undefined' and been misused so that they are nearly meaningless. Therefore, I feel it is necessary to share how these terms are defined for G.H. Soaps

PURE - The term pure is used to describe the essential oils used in my product lines. Many other handmade product makers loosely use the term 'essential oil' or 'essential oil blend' to label the synthetic fragrance¹ oils in their products. Whether done deliberately as a marketing ploy or out of ignorance, essential oils are NOT the same as fragrance oil. In fact, true essential oils are extracted from plants (roots, leaves, stems, bark, resin & flowers), often by steam distillation.

NATURAL - Natural as in organic, as in biodegradable. Capable of being broken down (decomposed) rapidly by the action of microorganisms.

ORGANIC - I use the term 'naturally organic' because the ingredients are naturally organic in nature. As a matter of fact, my bars, including the packaging, are completely biodegradable. Organic matter (or organic material) is defined as matter that has come from a recently living organism. It is capable of decay, or is the product of decay; or is composed of organic compounds. 

My products are honest and the labels accurately reflect product ingredients, demonstrating the company's transparency. As a consumer, just like you, I choose to use a product that I trust. As the owner of ghsoaps I am 100% committed to delivering honest products to you and your family! Ghsoaps and the BODYTRUTH brand are names you can TRUST!

Our Ingredients

Embracing and Realizing The Vision

My Vision

Its not just about the soap!

My evolutionary journey along the path of entrepreneurship has afforded me the opportunity to meet many new people and kindred spirits of which I have established meaningful connections with. I use those opportunities to share life experiences, life learnings and words of wisdom, which enable me to help others in their journey of self evolution and personal transformation. So, it's not just about the soap, it is an overall and most awesome experience.

The VISION I have for G.H. Soaps is to open an entreating storefront, encompassing feng shui, aromatherapy and a healing garden. I envision a place where souls can connect, learn and grow together...and buy awesome soap!