Our Ingredients

Ingredient Transparency

You’re concerned about the ingredients you use on your skin, We get that; that's why we don't use 'formulations' in our products. Who know's what's lurking in those! Aside from the pure, therapeutic, essential oils sourced from our certified partner supplier(s), we blend our own organic botanical infusions to maintain purity of ingredients. This ensures that there are no flowing agents, preservatives nor stabilizers. Every ingredient is a 'single' 'raw' ingredient. With so many people suffering from distressing skin conditions, it is our utmost desire that my company remains transparent, allowing you to make an informed decision concerning the products and ingredients you put on your skin.

My Commitment To Quality Ingredients

All ingredients used in ghsoaps brand products are derived from pure plant sources. Our promise to you is that there NO synthetic ingredients, NO synthetic fragrance, NO synthetic colorants, NO synthetic preservatives and NO artificial stabilizers used in your skin care. All of the oils and butters used in our soaps and body butters are extracted from the kernels, fruits, seeds and nuts of plants sourced from all over the world. We then choose premium, therapeutic essential oils, from carefully chosen plants, to nurture your skin. True essential oils are extracted, often by steam distillation, from the leaves, bark and flowers of plants, capturing the beneficial properties of those plants and delivering those benefits to you!

We operate with an unwavering commitment to provide a pure product. In keeping with our own desire for excellence and commitment to quality, core suppliers are ISO 9001 certified; certified Organic; Kosher and Vegan.

G.H. Soaps supports eco-friendly product manufacturing and has joined The Greener Life Club

 The Greener Life Club

The Greener Life Diamond covers the four main aspects of a responsibly produced product.

  • Carbon Footprint
  • Animal Friendly
  • Bio Healthy
  • Fair Trade

Below you'll find some of the keys ingredients we use in our product manufacturing.

Select Essential Oils

In nature, essential oils play an important role in the protection of plants. Essential oils contain a wide variety of properties that are capable of inhibiting or slowing the growth of bacteria. We have selected for our brands, those essential oils that possess such beneficial qualities to support a purely holistic approach to skin health.

BODYTRUTH at G.H. Soaps, Key Handmade Soap Ingredient: Basil Essential Oil

Basil Essential Oil

(Ocimum basilicum)

In Greek its name means 'royal remedy' or 'king'. Basil is a common herb that can grow in your own home garden. This steam distilled oil is sourced from India. I have selected it for its naturally inherent antioxidant, antibacterial¹ and antimicrobial properties². Basil also demonstrates antifungal activity and is excellent for fungal rashes on the skin. Basil is  beautifully paired with cool peppermint essential oil and used at approximately 1.75% in the SEA SALT DETOX Body Bar. Basil has a fresh & herbaceous, spicy sweet scent, like the fresh herb.

BODYTRUTH at G.H. Soaps, Key Handmade Soap Ingredient: Fennel Seed Essential Oil

Fennel Essential Oil

(Foeniculum vulgare dulce)

Also known as Common Fennel, Fennel is a perennial herb native to southern Europe and the Mediterranean area. Fennel essential oil is steam distilled from the seed and this particular oil is sourced from Hungary. Keeping with our commitment to use quality, natural, beneficial ingredients, we have selected Fennel for its naturally inherent anti-fungal (think eczema)¹ properties. Fennel essential oil is considered a natural therapeutic against dermatophytes, a pathogenic fungus that grows on skin. We also love the nostalgic scent of black licorice. Fennel is used in our Blemish Buster face & body bar.

BODYTRUTH at G.H. Soaps, Key Handmade Soap Ingredient: Lemongrass Essential Oil

Lemongrass Essential Oil

(Cymbopogon flexuosus)

In Greek its name means 'royal remedy' or 'king'. Lemongrass is a fast growing, tall, aromatic perennial grass that grows up to 4 feet tall. It is native to Asia, but this steam distilled oil is sourced from India. Lemongrass Essential Oil possesses invigorating and antiseptic properties. Its astringent properties help fight acne and manage oily skin. I  have chosen it also for its naturally inherent anti-inflammatory¹ (acne/eczema) & antifungal (eczema)², ³ properties. Lemongrass has a fresh, earthy, citrusy scent and is used in Hemp Therapy, Blemish Buster and CLEARSKIN face & body bars.

BODYTRUTH at G.H. Soaps, Key Handmade Soap Ingredient: Peppermint Essential Oil

Peppermint Essential Oil

(Mentha Piperita)

It is one of the oldest documented medicinal herbs. Peppermint Japanese is known for its high menthol content, and menthol crystals sometimes form right on the leaves. Peppermint is a perennial herb with spiked purple flowers. It is a common herb that can be container planted in your own home garden. This steam distilled oil is sourced from India. I have selected it too for its naturally inherent anti-bacterial¹, antimicrobial, and antifungal activities as well as strong antioxidant activity², and anti-inflammatory properties. In aromatherapy, peppermint improves focus, energy and concentration. Data also suggests that peppermint encourages hair growth, faster than Minoxidil³. Either way, peppermint is cool, fresh, uplifting and invigorating and I've generously added it to both my Conditioning Shampoo Bar (for hair follicle stimulation), the Organic Shave Bar (for antibacterial support) and the SEA SALT DETOX body bar.


BODYTRUTH at G.H. Soaps, Key Handmade Soap Ingredient: Sage Essential Oil

Sage Dalmation Essential Oil

(Salvia officinalis)

The Latin word salvare means 'heal' or 'save’. Sage is an evergreen perennial herb with a woody base, soft gray-green oval leaves and a mass of blue or violet flowers. It is a common herb that can grow in your own home garden. This steam distilled oil is sourced from Spain. I have selected sage for its naturally inherent antifungal, antiviral, antibacterial and antimicrobial properties¹,² . activity. It is beautifully paired with bright lemongrass essential oil and used at approximately 1.75% in our CLEARSKIN Face & Body Bar to help reduce face & body acne, eczema, and various rash-like outbreaks. Sage is earthy & herbaceous as you would expect from such herbs, with a camphorous note.

Other Key Ingredients Used

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    Coconut Oil is rich with medium chain fatty acids that lend antimicrobial, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and antioxidant properties to our products. It is a natural anti-bacterial. In soap, coconut oil is what produces abundant lather and hardness in the bar.