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For those seeking truly natural skin care, there's finally an honest product to indulge your senses and nurture your skin.

G.H. Soaps is a family owned operation birthed in 2014, out of a community, organic, urban gardening initiative that I had started in Detroit, MI. With health issues on the rise and the continuing debate over the affects of synthetics ingredients, I had begun to consider the role that skin care & cosmetics played in our overall health and wellness. My journey for the 'natural life' made me realize that there weren't many products on the market that were truly natural. At that time, I was simply seeking everyday care without fragrance oil and I couldn't find it. After many months of research and development, the BODYTRUTH brand was born, created out of my belief in whole body healing and nature inspired wellness and our need for simply natural skin care. My mission is to provide families with pure & natural skin care that supports overall good health!

Stephanie Willis, Owner

Stephanie Willis, Owner

Owner of G.H. Soaps home of BODYTRUTH brand soaps!


Each product is hand crafted with ingredients that nurture the whole body. Each ingredient (plant) has been well researched and selected for the benefits it offers.


100% organic, real handcrafted bar soaps made with vegetable oils and other naturally organic ingredients.

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G.H. Soaps offers rich shea butters & body creams for rough & chronically dry skin.

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I believe skin care should be natural. All of my products use therapeutic essential oils for your best health & overall wellness.


100% of the ingredients in my soaps and butters are 100% plant derived. There are NO synthetic ingredients in your product.

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We are a family owned business and all products are crafted in-house, by hand. We want you to know exactly what's going on your skin! We've recently made a progressive journey from Michigan to Kansas! So in 2018, our bars will be officially, MADE IN KANSAS!

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Selling channels include our website, local farmer's markets, special events and wholesale to other retailers. 

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What customers have shared with us.

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C. Collins East Bloomfield, NY

"Have not had a facial in about 8 weeks....during that time I have bought your soap and used it esthetician said that my skin was glowing and I had no clogged pores....and to keep doing what I was doing....thank you for a great product..."

K. Ling Detroit, MI

"I tried, for the first time, the soap with sea salt, peppermint and charcoal! I love it. It felt soft, didn't dry out my skin. I enjoyed the tingly coolness of the peppermint on my skin."

L. Hartmann Detroit, MI

"Just wanted to say I bought some of the eczema relief shea butter balm at the Eastern Market this past weekend. My 11 month old son has eczema and we have tried many different lotions, creams and balms some working better than others, but even the best ones have not been able to get rid of the worst of it behind his knees. In just 3 days, his legs are the best they have ever been and almost completely cleared. I'm really happy with this stuff and can't wait to try more products in the future."


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Real Organic Skin Care

Ingredients - Shea Nuts | G.H. Soaps home of BODYTRUTH brand products &
Butter Creamed, Shea Therapy, Shea Butter | G.H. Soaps home of BODYTRUTH brand products &
Ingredients - Coconuts | G.H. Soaps home of BODYTRUTH brand products &
Blemish Buster, Charcoal Soap | G.H. Soaps home of BODYTRUTH brand products &

"Our Ingredients are naturally organic & harvested by hand"


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